A big “hello” from all of us in the Dusemond Team!

Dusemond Study Programmes was started in 2015 by Rupert, after 20 years working for a large UK education provider.

Since that time, the team has grown to encompass nationalities and expertise from all over the world and this combined passion and experience goes into the programmes we deliver.

Our aim, and the aim of all our staff, is to provide fun, safe, international and educational experiences for all our students and most importantly to send everyone home with conflicted feelings: Happy to be going home but sad to be leaving!

If we do this we will feel we have achieved! 

Take a look at what we offer and we hope to be welcoming you soon.

Rugby School, founded in 1567, is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the country. Its facilities match its reputation, and it is attached to a large town for shopping and train links.

Cheltenham College has been educating young people since 1841. Bestowed with amazing buildings and set in the heart of one of England’s most vibrant spa towns.

With Uppingham School, you get  the ideal blend of old and new with state of the art leisure facilities combining perfectly with historic buildings and picturesque market town.

A beautifully kept private campus, fantastic facilities and the history & sights of the amazing City of York close by. Queen Margaret’s offers the best of everything!

The ACE programme offers a unique  internationally mixed collaboration in two level streams. Teams compete to put forward the strongest opinions and best ideas that will shape our global future.  This Easter programme is offered in Rugby and Uppingham.

Our summer programmes combine engaging English classes with fun activities. Specialised options are available through “English Plus” – offering sports, exam prep & certification or other special interest activities. We also offer the 7SL programme for higher level leadership skills development.

“English Plus” extends throughout the year, offering bespoke programmes in various loctions, including London, St. Albans and Bristol. These off-season programmes can be tailored to you, so speak to us about what you’re looking for and we’re sure we’ll be able to help!

Check out the centre pages for more information and samples of the programmes offered.

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Photography on the website is provided by the staff at Dusemond, with additional contributions from Eleanor Piggot.