If you can see yourself as a Dusemond Activity Leader, let’s get going with your application!

Check out the full Job Descriptions below for current hiring positions:

ACE Activity Leader – Easter 2020
(March 30th – April 15th)   

Activity Leader – Summer 2020 (July-Aug)

A day in the life of a Dusemond Activity Leader

Our morning begins with breakfast with the students, talking to them about how they are enjoying their time, what they are looking forward to etc.

Then we are off to our morning meeting with the on site activity coordinator. They will give us the plan for the afternoon and evening activities, and who will be doing what activity, of course we always end up getting to choose to do our favourites!

If there’s an Excursion Day coming up, we’ll schedule a meeting to be briefed on which groups we’ll be escorting and the walking routes and itinerary we will take charge of. Always exciting!

The morning is then spent getting everything organised and ready for the afternoon and evening, along with getting to hang out and talk to the students again during their lesson break.

Roll on our afternoon and evening activities, where we can really have fun with the students! Sports, arts and crafts, games, quizzes… you think of it and we will be doing it! One of our favourites is the murder mystery nights, and the activity leaders probably enjoy that more than the students!

We usually get to work with another activity leader during the activities, and for some sessions teachers join in with the activities, making it a super fun time. The next thing you know, the activities have to finish and we stop and make sure the students get back to accommodation safely, ready for another day.

Once everyone is safely settled in residence its time for a bit of Activity Leader chill time and perhaps a check through of my notes and maps because the next day is Excursion Day when we become tour leaders for our groups!

 Time really does fly when you are an activity leader having fun!

Dusemond Core Values

We believe that the opportunity to travel, learn and meet other people from around the world is a privilege not only for our students but also for our staff. It is our job to ensure that everyone involved in our programmes leaves enriched by the experience. We ask & encourage all “Dusemonders” to be:


Dusemond Study Programmes. Embrace the experience and leave enriched.