Hi, I’m Maja

I joined the Dusemond team last summer. I am an experienced teacher and I love travelling and meeting students from all over the world! In my classes we have worked on preparing for exams (Cambridge, Trinity etc.), improving communication skills and enjoying becoming a confident English speaker through fun, engaging activities and interesting topics. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Hi, I’m Roula

I’ve been teaching English for 26 years and have been part of Dusemond team since last summer! I believe learning English can help you travel around the world, choose the music you listen to and the books you read but above all learning English can help you understand different cultures and learn from them. Join Dusemond Online and meet people from all over the world!

Hi, I’m Rebecca

How are you? I have been teaching English for the past 12 years. I had the opportunity to join the Dusemond team last year and absolutely loved the experience. I really enjoy teaching English in a way that is communicative and fun! I’m easy-going and friendly and very easy to talk to! Don’t be shy- let’s get together and make an action plan to improve your English skills.

Hi, I’m Desi

I have over 15 years of teaching experience.I have had the privilege to work with the Dusemond team since last April.I specialise in coaching General English and Cambridge exam preparation (IELTS,FCE,PET )as well as Trinity .I am creative and playful as well as calm and patient when needed.I love teaching and looking forward to seeing you!

Hi, I’m Elinor

I live and teach in London, a city I love. I know lots about film and theatre. I have taught English for three years to students old and young, both in established year-round classes and at Easter and Summer schools for Dusemond and The Study Club.

Hi, I’m Marianna

I’ve been a proud member of the Dusemond team for the past 4 years and I’m thrilled that we are now going online for a year-round international experience and fun. I love communicating with students from all over the world. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Hi, I’m Laura

I have been a teacher now just over four years and joined the Dusemond group last year. I love focusing my lessons on speaking, whether that is through conversations or reading activities.  I enjoy creating a nice and comfortable atmosphere for my students where they can be as realistic or creative as they want.

Hi, I’m Mariana

I have been teaching at summer schools for 5 years. I enjoy teaching English through songs, games, jokes and lots of fun in the classroom. I believe that everyone can master a new foreign language by joining such a dedicated team as Dusemond’s.

Hi, I’m Cathy

I love teaching English online because people connect and make friends all around the world. We can share stories, games and learn in an exciting and innovative environment. Most of all I am so excited to see my students again from Dusemond 2019! Come and join us online as we learn, have fun and push ourselves to be the best we can!

Hi, I’m Evert

I’m from Cape Town. I’ve been teaching English all around Europe for eight years now, currently running my own small academy near Madrid. I’ve been with Dusemond from the outset, going for my fifth Summer with them in England this year. I love languages, I love teaching, I love travelling and I love having fun and most of all I love combining them all. I’m looking forward to meeting you and teaching you the English way!

Hi, I’m Dimitris

I’ve been teaching English for 27 years. Learning English can be great fun through communication activities, puzzles and gamification. I will be there to teach you, guide you, support and encourage you to achieve your learning goals! Welcome to Dusemond Online!

Hi, I’m Rachel

I specialise in fun, interactive programmes and I’ve worked in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. My mission is to help my students empower themselves by helping them increase their confidence, ignite their curiosity and enjoy learning!

Hi, I’m Mark

I have over six years ELT experience stretching back more than thirty years. More recently, he has focussed on short-course teaching and online ELT provision. Mark has prepared students for Cambridge, Trinity College and IELTS examinations and has worked as an off-line tutor to Japanese and Chinese students in London.

Hi, I’m Moon

I’ve been teaching for 14 years. I’m enthusiastic about applying my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and passion for coaching to language learning. Supporting students to overcome personal challenges and maximize their potential. I’m passionate about leading dynamic, creative classes to motivate and inspire learning. The best learning happens when we’re having fun! Come and join us!