If you can see yourself as a Dusemond Teacher, let’s get going with your application!

Check out the full Job Descriptions below for current hiring positions:

ACE Teacher – Easter 2020
( March 30th – April 13th) 

Teacher – Summer 2020 (July-Aug)

Teacher – Summer 2020 (July-Aug) non residential


A day in the life of a Dusemond Teacher

Pens and pencils ready for the morning meeting with the Director of studies, who always delivers an informative meeting with some new ideas that may come in handy, such as running dictation or back to the board, to help get the first lesson (or any lesson) kick started.

Teachers then collect students and walk them to the classroom if needed. The lessons should be interactive and entertaining, not only for the students but the teachers too. Lesson plans are provided to guide the teachers with appropriate material for each level. These lesson plans are intended to lighten the workload and maintain a high level, professional service to our students. Class preparation time will be spent adapting and personalising that material specifically for every group. Some may worry that an hour and half is a long time, but that time just disappears and before you know it, the day has ended and it’s lunch time! 

With an afternoon meeting to make sure that all teachers and students are happy, the remaining time is spent sharing ideas to help each other in the classroom.  Ideas are shared about anything from classroom management to reading or speaking activities, as well as fun little games for students to play. Before the meeting is up you are swimming in a pool of new ideas, ready to start planning for the next day of lessons. 

And then it’s time for afternoon and evening activities: the team has it all, sports, games, arts and crafts, murder mystery. There is something for everyone and with the team being very organised, teachers will find themselves having as much fun as the students. 

Dusemond Core Values

We believe that the opportunity to travel, learn and meet other people from around the world is a privilege not only for our students but also for our staff. It is our job to ensure that everyone involved in our programmes leaves enriched by the experience. We ask & encourage all “Dusemonders” to be:


Dusemond Study Programmes. Embrace the experience and leave enriched.