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A day in the life of a Dusemond Welfare Leader

The great thing about being a Welfare Leader is that no two days are the same. Yet, every day begins with the most important meal of the day, breakfast, and it gives us a chance to check in with the students about their classes and activities for the day ahead. 

Once the students are in classes the welfare team meet up and discuss the upcoming activities and any issues with the houses or canteen. We work with the local centre staff to help ensure the camp runs as smoothly as possible. 

We then set up the “tuck shop” which we open during the break times of classes. It gives the students an opportunity to buy some sweet treats, with gluten free chocolate being the best seller! We like to have some music playing to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for the students while they are taking a break from working so hard in the classroom!

On Excursion days, we prepare the lists for pack lunches and dinners to ensure all the students and group leaders are equipped for the busy day ahead. It’s a case of sorting and coordinating the packed lunches and working with the Activity team to get them into the hands of the right groups! We then wave all the buses off and when possible we jump on the bus for an excursion too! 

During the activity sessions we are always available with ice packs in hand and plenty of water just in case. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun and we need to make sure the students are staying hydrated especially in the warm summers! It’s always fun to join in on the activities too. 

Welfare leaders are also house leaders in a way and we try our best to make our houses feel like a home away from home. That begins when groups arrive, when we lead the process of getting them into rooms and holding a “welcome induction” to settle them in. Thereafter, we act as a sort of “House Parent”, responding to issues and guiding our residents on things like laundry and fire procedure. In the morning, we’ll get everyone out for breakfast and after evening activities we bring the students back to the residences. We make sure everyone is accounted for, and hope the excitement from the day’s activities help them get to sleep at a reasonable hour! They will be needing their energy for the next fun-filled day!

Another enjoyable aspect of being a welfare leader is the opportunity to organise the activities for the group leaders. The ‘Wine and Cheese’ evening and Table Quiz night are always highlights of the course. It allows us to connect with the group leaders and ensure they are enjoying themselves as much as their students!

Dusemond Core Values

We believe that the opportunity to travel, learn and meet other people from around the world is a privilege not only for our students but also for our staff. It is our job to ensure that everyone involved in our programmes leaves enriched by the experience. We ask & encourage all “Dusemonders” to be:


Dusemond Study Programmes. Embrace the experience and leave enriched.