Every person coming to a Dusemond Centre is unique and for us that is the challenge. We want everyone to embrace the experience with us and to leave enhanced in some way. It may well be a different outcome for everyone – enhanced confidence, new or enhanced friendships, greater knowledge, the desire to continue learning or simply a passion for travel and adventure. This desire to improve is in keeping with the original Dusemond who was a man who loved languages, loved travel and never stopped looking for knowledge.


This is my father and when I was younger he used to tell me how many languages he spoke – depending on his mood this would peak at 16 – and how many countries he had visited in the army and as an artist.

As I grew older I discovered that he actually spoke 5 languages fluently and the other 11 were more ‘conversational’ but he had travelled a lot. His name was Valentine but he used the name Dusemond as his painter’s name so for me it seemed appropriate to use it for a company promoting language learning and travel.

Ultimately the safety and welfare of all our students is our number one concern and is something we don’t compromise on. It is important that all our students feel welcome and safe at our schools so we have certain things in place to ensure this.

  • 24 hrs contact with Dusemond Staff
  • Welfare team on site
  • Staff live in the houses with students
  • Nurse on site every morning (Only Rugby)
  • Good links with local doctors and hospitals
  • All staff have current DBS checks

The success of our programmes relies on our staff – the commitment they show to the programme and the professionalism and friendliness they show to our students. All our staff are recruited by word of mouth which means they are all personally invested in the success of the programme and the happiness of the students.

The English language plays an important role in creating a global community and developing global citizenship. Our teachers rise to the challenge and expand beyond the traditional ´tools of the trade´ to deliver an educational standard that allows learners to participate within a truly global forum. 

Dusemond teachers are facilitators within the classroom. They grant the learners the space to promote the spirit of creativity and innovation and in this way, learners are the active participants in argumentative discussions and teamwork activities. 

Our programme includes specific academic sessions on excursion destinations that the students will take at the weekend. Through these interactive sessions our students will not only practice their English but they will also gain a wider appreciation of British culture!

Dusemond Academics comes down to:

  • Interactive online materials replacing paper textbooks
  • Stimulating learner autonomy
  • Focus on communicative tasks
  • Use of latest classroom technology (e.g. Metaverse: augmented reality)

Dusemond Study Programmes offers online placement testing to all students before their arrival.


  • Direct incorporation to classrooms
  • More accurate results due to reduced stress level during testing
  • Possibility of getting an extra certificate with official Placement Test results

Detailed placement test on all 5 skills:

  • Grammar (compulsory)
  • Listening (compulsory)
  • Reading (compulsory)
  • Writing (optional)
  • Speaking (optional)

We recommend that students take Grammar, Listening and Reading sections. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will send a trial test to you.